Resumen Paper






Marcela Jaime1, Elina Lampi2 y Fredrik Carlsson3.

1. Universidad de   Concepción,
2. University of Gothenburg,   
3. University of Gothenburg,   



The rate of prescription of antibiotics in primary care has decreased in Sweden. We investigate whether two government interventions, an information visit and a self-evaluation meeting, directed towards healthcare centers had a role in this reduction. We use data from healthcare centers in a re- gion in western Sweden, during 2011-2014. Our empirical strategy exploits the variation in the timing of the interventions, and takes account of past prescriptions by estimating linear dynamic panel data models. We found that the number of prescriptions has decreased on average by 32 % during the time period and this decrease was larger for private than for public healthcare centers. However, there were little evidence that this could be explained by the interventions. The first intervention, an infor- mation intervention, did decrease amount of prescriptions among public healthcare centers, but this effect was only temporary.

Keywords: Antibiotics; resistance; health centers; information.


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